Saturday, May 02, 2015

Travel Diaries # 5

The bus stop near my place which I use daily to commute has a lovely flowers shop nearby. Luckily, my stand is just adjacent to the shop giving me ample time to keep staring at those lovely beauties and bask in their magic. There are orchids, roses, peonies and what lovely colours, they are an instant mood changer. A very beautiful lady owns that shop. In her fifties with red hair cut smartly in a bob cut she has a smile that can melt hearts in seconds. 
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Travel Diaries # 4

I went for a walk today morning at the beach. There is a strange tranquility associated with the sea in the morning. (Needless to add the photographer me didn't want to miss the scenic captures. ) Amidst a crowd of joggers I was busy sitting and doing nothing! The gushing cold wind did tempt me at times to take a jog with them but looking at their pace and stamina I discouraged myself thinking where would I be able to fit in. But I was in for a surprise. After sometime an old lady came, 65+ she joined the bandwagon. She wasn't a match for their pace or stamina but she still continued and finished 3 laps of the deck. In between once when our eyes met she seemed to tell me, " Never underestimate yourself. Don't stop running in a race just because someone is faster than you today. You never know when the wheels of time could change and your places could swap. This is the race of life, run because that's what we are meant to do to keep moving ahead. " I smiled and nodded. She flashed a huge smile in reply.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Travel Diaries # 3

I am terrified of water. Yes that sounds funny coming from someone who loves water bodies in any form from a pond to an ocean. Two near death accidents in the past have crippled my love for any adventures when it comes to water. But yesterday I somehow wanted to forget it all and just do it. And... I did. I had to sit in a boat to reach the middle of the sea for the main action to begin. Terrified I was, scared... well you better not get me started on it. As I sat on the bench in the boat I was sure my trembling could be felt if someone sat too close to me. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Travel Diaries: 2

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Standing at the bus-stop today as I wait for my bus I look around to see happy kids returning from school, tired faces going home after a long day, some wrinkled hands turned cold due to the wind trying to hide in coat pockets wanting to feel the warmth of the thing called home soon. I also notice some love birds oblivious to the whole world along with a bunch of teenagers lost in their own world. My eyes fall on a lonely girl who is exceptionally eye catching. Fair with brown hair she is looking ethereal in a black dress with no make up at all. She walks into a florist's shop just opposite the bus stop and comes out with a bunch of roses. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Travel Diaries: 1

I have been missing in action for too long now. Was busy travelling, living my dreams and seeing a world which till now existed only in books for me. As I take time to come back to the real world I will share a few of my travel stories with you in the meanwhile just to give you a glimpse into all that I saw.
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